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12-22-2003, 04:13 AM
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Ribeiro talk - again

I know that this subject ahs been talked to death but I am getting frustrated at the constant bad talk about this kid.

Lets face it. In the last four years that we have been expecting great things from him, he has either gotten low minutes in the game, or has been playing with players that had cement hands. Last year he came out firing in the exhibition games, then got hurt. When he tried to come back in, he got caught in the middle of the Therrien too many wingers shuffle and ended playing mediocre time. Lets face it. Most if not all the players last year suffered from the lack of direction and too many forwards.

Talents such as Ribeiro need time to develop and he hasn't had the decent time. I am taking him as if the last four years did not exist and am willing to let him start over at scratch.

All players this year were told by Gainey that they needed to pull their weight or expect to be out of the lineup. Mike has responed and is leading the club in scoring, and does so with different linemates.

Yes I agree he needs to get better 5 on 5, offensively, but so do most of the players on the team. Defensively at times he is great, other times he is not. Lets face it, Guy Lafleur was not known as the greatest defensive player in the world but he did what he did best and people are not allowing Mike to do that. Instead, people need to nitpik him to death.

Anyway, my rant is over and sorry to bring this up again. I just hate it when this kid helps the team win, wheather he played one hundred percent or not, and people still crap all over him