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Originally Posted by BroadStreetPhila View Post
Everybody else is playing a similar schedule. No need to make excuses.
bryz played several back to backs himself. no other goalie in the league does that. he has more starts then any other goalie and trails only Rinne in TOI (by a wapping 5 seconds). That's a legitimate reason. Rinne has much better numbers but he's also playing behind a completely different team, one that is more conducive for a goaltenders success. Rinne is also a much better goalie obviously and his 7 mil cap hit reflects that.

bryz needs to be better for what he's getting paid but people acting like there is no reason for him to be sucking right now need to open their eyes. you could put rinne, lundqvist, Rask or whoever else you want in there and the team would still be losing.

did anyone see rask make any amazing saves yesterday? i'm not saying he doesn't or that goalies in this league don't make great saves daily but bryz would need to make a highlight reel save after highlight reel save for this team to succeed and admittedly right now he's making almost none.

confidence is also an issue right now as it is with the entire team.

what i don't get is if everyone knows (the fans know at least so i imagine management has to know too) what bryz needs to succeed then why not implement a system for him to you know actually succeed? you have to adapt to the players you have especially when there's arguably nothing better on the market.

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