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03-10-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by guitarguyvic View Post
I still think too much is being made of the offensive depth. You are comparing current roster to last years finals roster. Of course our depth is not at that level. You should be comparing it to previous seasons. Our forward depth is pretty much comparable to what we had from 2008-2011. All playoff teams minus one horrific half season.

The forecheck has not even been that poor. The Devs are outshooting and outpossessing the other team almost every game. But they can't seem to finish and when the other team attacks, our D gives up GLORIOUS scoring chances. Moose fails to make the highlight reel save and voila, down 1-0 and the floodgates open.

Doesn't matter how little time the opponent stays in our end if every time they are there a guy is wide open in the slot.
Well first things first, it's not just that the Defense is giving up these glorious chances, it's an entire team issue. I mean just look at the pics that I re-posted. It all starts in the neutral zone and right now the forwards are not getting the job done. You're seeing the defense scramble all over the place because there is just way too many attacking players wide open all the damn time. It's been horrifying to watch. Some real bad hockey for sure.

If you don't agree with the depth issue, that's fine because I personally don't feel it's enough of an excuse to be playing this badly. Thing is, I'm pretty sure having guys in roles they shouldn't be in is making the issues far worse then they should be.

As for the forecheck, I think it has been spotty all season, at best. During this losing streak, NJ had their moments where it clicked, but just take a look at the teams they've been playing and tell me you still feel as good about it.

Only thing I can tell you for sure is that things will not get better until guys like Poni, Zajac, Clarkson, Henrique start pulling their weight. Doesn't matter who is here and who isn't, these guys need to provide more. There is no way around it. I'd say Kovy must produce more as well, but then I realize he's playing nearly half the game on his off-wing and I kind of feel bad for him. If the team didn't have the holes they do, he wouldn't be forced to play that much. It's not like the Devils get 6 power plays a game or something and that's where his minutes are coming from. Dude is out there all the damn time because really, who the **** else is going to do it?

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