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03-10-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Gudbranson4Prez View Post
I'm just saying.. Make it cheaper, and let people just stay in the bar/club red area.. Add on seats to those that want them. Sell the other seats individually..
This is what I would do.

Let the Club Red STH's decide where they want to experience the game - in the bar, or in their seat. They can decide from season to season, with a deadline being some time in July. Then, from July on out, offer the remaining seats at a slightly higher STH rate (higher than what us working stiffs pay currently), with the understanding that the bar/concert package does not apply to them. They HAVE to watch from the concession area or in their seats.

For concerts, I would also have the Club Red STHs choose the concerts they will be attending, then sell off the rest of the seats as individual tickets.

The organization could make an even higher profit on those seats, and we don't look like idiots on tv. They would basically be selling the same seat twice.

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