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03-10-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Lavy's system is one in which you need a specific group of players both on d and on offense to execute.

His system is one in which forwards and d men take many chances in order to have an advantage on offense.

Because of this I think we have a roster of forwards with inflated numbers. If we switch to a more defensive minded system those numbers will drop off significantly. If we continue to switch identitiies like that we will never have a roster that compliments the style we want to play.

The style you want to win with comes from the organization, and the GM. If we keep changing GM's then again we are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves. Professional sports is so reactionary , and building a winner takes time. You need an owner and a gm that are committed to an identity and will not react to the ups and downs that seasons can bring. Sometimes players have bad years, sometimes there are injuries all these things can stunt growth but dont necessarily mean the system is not working.

Im a believer that in todays nhl Lavy's system will not thrive. However our roster is designed with this system in mind. SO that is the connundrum. A change in philosphies will mean a change in roster. Right now we have a very talented roster a change in philophies could deplete that talent.
I think this season is lost cause at this point. If Lavi goes I would want to bring in a guy with a more balanced system. I don't want to bring in a trap like NJ but I want to see some balance between offense and defense.

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