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03-10-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Sec108 View Post
There you have it Spits fans I guess alot of the posters on here are not of the same ilk as us old Barn Spits fans so , so be it.

London used to know they were in a game in the old days when they came to a place like the Barn.....just from the fans.

Now we have a "Love In" to coin a hippie phrase between the 2 teams.

OHLTG has spoken!!!!!!!!!
One thing that amuses me about this type of comment is the fact that if there is no interaction between the fans then what rivalry is there between the fans?

The teams get on the ice, play the game and develop rivalries.

If the only way for a fan to develop a rivalry with another fanbase is to cheer on their own team then half the fun is gone.

Having grown up hanging around The Barn when this team first came into the league I saw the rivlary between the fan bases. The ones who went over the top from both sides and took things to levels that fans never should as well as the fans who were out in the corridors debating the game, the teams and what transpired on the ice.

If the only way to ewnjoy a rivalry is to bash another team strictly among the fans of your own team then you do not have a rivalry between fans simply a one sided arguement between others of the same opinion.

That is not a rivalry.

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