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Originally Posted by cfaub View Post
If people are looking for non CHL/hockey related events that show the volunteer commitment of the community when it comes to large scale events then there are quite a few. They are not centred around the WFCU Centre but they were rather large scale and while Windsor may not have been the main host they certainly played a role in the events that have taken place in Windsor by playing host to many functions surrounding the events as well as the event itself.

WWE/Wrestlemania and other PPV events
Superbowl and surrounding festivities
Detroit Grand Prix - both Indy version and Formula 1 version
Red Bull Air Races - both Detroit as the primary host and Windsor as the primary host

Yes, many of the events were primarily based in Detroit but being in downtown Detroit for the most part there was a large part played by Windsor and the community with both the main event as well as surrounding events for each of these.

There were many spinoff events held in Windsor to help enhance the event by attracting the Canadian audience as well as to help enhance the experience of the event goers themselves.

No Windsor hasn't hosted the World Figure Skating Championships... yet but London has not been a participant in hosting the Superbowl and the week long festivities surrounding one of the biggest sporting events in the world either.

Both cities have experience with high level, world class events from hosting and logistics involved with such events to the volunteer s required to make such events possible.

I don't know Barrie's history with such events so cannot compare them.

If the question comes down to experience with major events and the volunteers needed to pull it off I don't think London has any advantage over Windsor. Windsor may not have seen the full spotlight but the size of the events involved speaks for themselves and yes Windsor did play an integral part in not only hosting the events but in Detroit getting some of the events in the first place.

Both cities present some unique qualifications when it comes to hosting major events, each offsetting the others.

If Windsor does not get its act together and cannot demonstrate that they deserve to host then they should not get it. As others have said though with no transperency in the bidding process regardless of who wins this bid or any other bid in the past or future there will always be questions raised as to whether the winning bid was the deserving bid.
Thanks Cfaub. Thats what I was looking for.

Good post.

LIke I said Im sure the community had done a good job with events and this highlights some of them.

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