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03-10-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Rivet52 View Post
Why waste such a high pick on a lineman, even moreso if we're not getting the best (or second best) one when we have disgustingly huge needs at at least three other positions? As a previous poster said, I will be very disappointed if QB, WR, and LB are not addressed in the first three rounds. Barring some good free agent signings, this team is embarrassing in all three areas. Stevie and Graham are the only WRs we have and we have Scott, Sheppard, and Bradham at LB. Even worse than when Barnett was here and it was bad then too. The Bills need to get at least two quality LBs in this draft or free agency and with Jones and Nelson let to walk, WR is just as thin. And of course, we'll be nabbing a QB early. Add CB into that and we have four areas of huge concern that need to be thought of way before the offensive line. But of course, the Bills always usually ignore other areas of need and continue to change areas of strength. Part of the reason why this team is in the hole it's been in for 15 years.

Heck, maybe the Bills should take another RB at No. 8 even though we have two good ones on the roster already and fail to address our big needs yet again. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.
If the Bills pick up a QB early this whole draft will be ruined. Every QB is a project QB in this draft. There isn't a Andrew Luck or RG3.... there isn't even a guy like Russell Wilson whose size was his biggest detractor. Holding off until next year would help the Bills far more than picking the best available in the first 2 rounds this year. Unless Fitzpatrick gets cut don't expect a QB in the first round.

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