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03-10-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by UKPanther View Post
I can't deny that as annoyed as I am about the problems, the game itself is a blast. Not mind-blowing, but loads of fun in the traditional Sim City style.
Yep, nothing revolutionary, not even necessarily better than Sim City 4 IMO, but different enough to warrant playing and just plain fun. I'm beginning to realize I like city simulation games enough that they could have released almost anything and I'd enjoy it. Hypothetically, if Sim City 4 was released now (and not before), it'd still be a great game.

The bad launch, as annoying as it is for those who it affected, probably isn't a big deal in the long run. The expectations for the game have been lowered to the point now that people who played it will defend it and people who haven't will be pleasantly surprised. Being over-hyped at launch as a billion times better than SC4 would have been more destructive for this game IMO.

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