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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Was just killing time reading through various teams' boards. Quick thoughts from a Minnesota perspective.

Nick Schultz is what he is. An average size defender that skates at an above average level. Generally fairly sound positionally. Any physical contact is virtually non-existent and he's among the league worst at moving the puck. If you're looking for a clean breakout from him, forget it. He patented the no-look, panic ring the puck around the boards here in Minnesota. He's a decent solidifying type of player on the bottom pairing but truth be told, there's a lot of organizations that have multiple players that can fill in for his role and not miss a beat. Biggest complaint about his time here is that he'll never give you any more than a decent game.

As far as what I've seen from Gilbert here in Minnesota, I've loved the trade (sorry to say for you guys). With that said, you're going to see a greater swing in terms of consistency. He'll have some clunker of games and decisions here and there but he'll also have moments that back up his position in a top 4 pairing.

So I guess it probably depends on what you're looking for in terms of your defenseman. For Minnesota, Gilbert provides elements in his game that are not readily available. Whereas in this system, Schultz was/is a replacement level player.
Thank you for taking the time on our boards. I agree with everything you stated and I'd regularly watched Wild games over the years because I like system play. ftr I most liked seeing Willy Mitchell actually be a shutdown defender in front of Roloson years ago. I think N Schultz had a lot of potential benefit playing with Mitchell but I don't know he gained much.

But, yeah, for some reason at the time of trade N Schultz's assets were being overstated. I have no doubt Nick is a liked person in the dressing room and missed among players(afairc Clutterbuck and others were quite passionate about being sad about seeing Nick go) but as a hockey player I never saw much more from Nick than a Steve Staios bang it off the boards game but WITHOUT the physicality.

In fact one of the most ironic things about the trade is that a large segment of this board disliked Gilbert because of his non physical play. For that Gilbert has been called any number of unfortunate names by this fanbase with every rude suggestion attached to it. So for a large faction of posters seeing "Tammy" go for what was predetermined to be a physical shutdown D that would clear the net(which was some mistakenly deduced here).was openly welcomed.

I really have no idea how people that prefer physical D, and that wanted to get rid of Gilbert on that basis, welcomed the addition of N Schultz. It makes no sense to me then or now.

Interestingly enough when the trade was first announced the initial reaction here was shock, recoil, disgust for several pages of the trade thread. But people talked themselves into somehow liking the trade and believing that N Schultz would be a much better fit here and key piece. They somehow believed Nick was a shutdown D.

Perhaps better to trust initial responses sometimes.

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