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03-10-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
I'm just not sure that a lot of the problems are Yeo's fault. A coach can only do so much. They are not out there on the ice. It's up to the players to get results. In the end hockey is hockey. No matter what systems or what not. Good players succeed. I guess I'm just not a guy that puts a lot of the blame on the coach. They are a factor, but I really think win or lose it's on the players.
So if you take a group of players that are falling below what they have established as their norms on other teams you don't think that the coach who now has all the players who collectively are now below their norms bears responsibility?

I do agree that there are situations where you can point at the players (see Capitals and Ovi) but i don't see that on this team, this is a pretty high character team with players that have well earned reputations yet so much of what they do appears confused or just plain flat.

Ryn loves to point out that this team could very well be in first place in the NW at the end of the night, he is right but one could take your "it's on the players" argument and say that is the reason why they are in the race despite what Yeo has done or not done.

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