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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
It appears to me you're all trying to put too much into connections between Mr. Fallar and Mrs. Clark.
Really? I don't think anyone is putting anything into the connection beyond how obvious it was.

Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
That... and you spend more time slagging the two of them in various ways.... than actually discussing and/or disputing what they say. I'm not saying they're right..... I'm not saying they're wrong. Just making a layman's observation.
That's your observation, huh? Well, here's mine:
-The posts are written from a fanatical perspective. The author starts with a predetermined conclusion that the Coyotes are a viable and essential business; then works backwards trying to make information support the desired conclusion. Except, it's a well documented fact that the Coyotes are not a viable or essential business. Since the facts are so far away from the desired conclusion, the writer makes up wild conspiracy theories to account for the difference. Plus, he slanders anyone or anything that points to the evidence of the team's non-viability and non-essentialness.

There's not much point in discussing that type of low wattage output. There is no business, governance, or legal acumen to it. It's beyond the fringe. But it probably resonates with others fanatics who share the same ideals.
The latest output has essentially done it for me. Understanding the M.O. of certain folks consistently and forever trying to justify the existence of not only the team, but Westgate, has been there since virtually the onset. As eluded to above, it goes beyond fringe. It always has, but this one in particular did it for me.

A few posts back I posted something I thought was interesting. Nothing to do with Fallar and the "revealing" post. No, what was interesting to me was not only did they post snip-its of the Arena Mixed-Use Development Agreement, but went an extra step further... laying on the alter Ellman's contractual failure of Westgate to justify sniping at the current machinations of moving the Cardinals training camp to Glendale.

It's the "additive" in the Koolaid to gloss the faithful followers into believing that there's no way that current council can do any better than the former council in terms of driving business into Westgate.

I've poured over that economic study of the Cardinals Training Camp in Flagstaff/Coconino County that NAU put out. The same one referenced in the last "output". I'm finding it quite difficult, even when using their data and formula's (breaking out Flagstaff seperately vs. Coconino County as a whole) to come up with the numbers quoted by not only "Unfiltered", but the original author from the AZ Daily Sun.

Perhaps another set of eyes and/or a less distracting environment may be in order.

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