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03-10-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
I think we take enough shots we just miss the net so many times. For every shot we take we usually miss at least that many which is not acceptable. Obviously, we can get better, but I think it just starts with hitting the net,

Stop complaining about Yeo goes. He has us 2 points out of 3rd in the conference. Your grasping at straws because he isn't giving your favorite player the ice team you think he deserves...whoever that may be.

He's going to finish out the year as coach. ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. And he will probably stay through next year no matter what as well. At the very least...if he's so terrible he will be fired midway through next year.

Suck it up. Stop complaining about the coach. He's not going anywhere and through everything he's not doing that bad of a job.
We might be 2 points out of division lead, but this team does not look good. Also, we are in one of the weakest divisions, so this in itself does not even say that much, especailly with the roster we have. Believe it or not, we have talent on that roster, and imo, it is not being used as well as it could be which is why I have tired on Yeo. Most of the points that have been made about him are quite valid, and in no way "grasping at straws."

Our PP looks like ****, and is showing no signs of improving, or even really changing. It's a swapping around of parts, nut doing the same thing.

We're not scoring more at all than we have been, even with an improved roster. Our defense is better, which is great, seriously, but the o needs to improve as well. By his line boggle bs, he's showing he does not know how to work with specific talents, at all, and that is what we have. We are not the Ducks, who are all fast, big, and aggressive. Our team needs to be organized and coached little more creatively and that is not happening. Why is Coyle still on the top line? He has done nothing up there, and since he has been up there, neither have Parise or Koivu. This has been going on for many games now. Yet He'll try other combo's out for half a game, that don't look too bad, or look like they have some good potential for development, then forget it the next game.

We are still horribly inconsistent. Which is the players execution, but starts with the coaches. Both are to blame, but on the player end, shows some disconect between them and the coaching staff. Lemaire got the most of his guys almost every night. Tippett, Bylsma, Quenneville,Trotz... gets the most of their guys almost every night. This starts with the coaching staff, and is one of their jobs: to inspire.

Yeo gets outcoached almost every game. TP mentioned a couple things earlier that depict this. In the Chicago game, the lack of a timeout when desperately needed, or a goaltending change. We frequently get bad line combos against other teams, even with last change - all of this is on Yeo, even when we win a game.

Just because we're two points from division lead means nothing. There's too much evidenceof things not working well. Even if we make the playoffs this year, we're going to get our ***** handed to us the way we're playing. It's too inconsistent and unorganized. We go up a better organized team, and the energy level goes up like it does, forget it.

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