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03-10-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
It's reminding me of the last few seasons of 24. Compelling to watch, good acting by the main characters, but you have to leave your brain aside to not think about how ridiculous some aspects of the plot are.

I'm still watching it, but they've thrown in so many "surprise" cult members that it's reached the point where you think any character on the show could be one, which kind of diminishes the shock value when it happens.
This part has been bugging me. That girl cop from a couple weeks ago is an obvious example. I had her pegged as soon as they introduced her, and then when she turned, I said, "Finally!" It's obnoxious. I also believe they're going to end the season with a mega reveal, which will probably be Kevin Bacon's little buddy there.

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