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03-10-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by OilDrop37 View Post
I know times are tough but aren't people overreacting just a tad when it comes to Eberle? I see proposal after proposal involving him, one absolutely retarded suggestion that we buy him out, and countless other posts bashing him. 24 games into his 3rd year, 17 points and were already giving up on him, ready to move onto the next shiny toy.

This isn't necessarily directed at you, just quoted your post.
Exactly, a 24 game sample in a career is not going to paint a full picture and if this is the worst we see out of him, he is a great asset. So far this season, he is basically producing at the exact same levels as he did in his rookie season.

The positives this year are that he is chewing up more minutes a game and shooting at a higher rate.

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