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03-10-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
I'm just not sure that a lot of the problems are Yeo's fault. A coach can only do so much. They are not out there on the ice. It's up to the players to get results. In the end hockey is hockey. No matter what systems or what not. Good players succeed. I guess I'm just not a guy that puts a lot of the blame on the coach. They are a factor, but I really think win or lose it's on the players.
Winning teams are just a combination of good players that are thrown together and are then expected to succeed. This is a team sport, not baseball. They need to work together as a team, and that is the coaches job. He does get paid for a reason.

You ever wonder how some of these coaches out there get so much more out of way weaker rosters? They're good coaches, and they show the players how to do certain things to succeed, as a team.

According to your logic, the Oilers should be killing the league. Well, there ya go. It takes a good coach to make a good team, not just a bunch of good players. Good players will get you so far, but it needs to be combined with good coaching.

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