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03-10-2013, 02:03 PM
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Greetings from Buffalo. My buddy and I, and our girlfriends are going to buy tickets for the March 23rd game on that Saturday. Pricing wise...looks like we are going to purchase 300 level. 400 level seems high up and not a big price difference and 100/200 level would be 1000+ for 4 tickets.

So, any suggestion on staying safe? We don't drink too much in public so the hooligan attitude won't be coming out, and we're going to be respectful as it's not our barn (the same way we would act in ours) will we be generally safe if we wear our Sabres gear?

Also restaurant and parking much to expect? Is there good stuff to see within range of the Bell Centre? (10 miles)

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. I know a lot of this can be googled but i've found mixed things. Big fan of very hometown type stuff too. Like if you were to come to Buffalo for food i'd say hey Duff's or Anchor Bar.

Thanks guys.

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