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Originally Posted by jazzykat View Post
I am 205 lbs w/o equipment and 5 foot 9. I learned to skate as an adult and play once or twice a week in a beer league. I played roller hockey for 2.5 years and am in my first year of beer league hockey.

I understand that the most important thing a skate needs to do is fit.

My current skates are Vapor X skates I bought in 2004. I skated casually in them for 1.5 seasons and am playing my first season of hockey (twice a week). Checking the fit on the foot bed there is anywhere from an extra 1/2-3/4" from my longest toe.

My feet are wide and flat as a board. I bought Vapors in EE width but still had to buy them too big to get the right width. Unfortunately, the Vapors were the only ones that had a nearly zero arch.

I would like a general recommendation on:

1. What brand/model of skate is generally most comfortable for people with wide (normal shoe width: EE) flat feet?

2. How high a grade should I get? I have the option of buying up to APX but from what I read my skating level may be hindered by "too good" a skate?

Thank you.
If you have wide feet, don't buy Vapors. They are most narrow fittin line from Bauer. I would recommend buying Supreme or Nexus skates. Supreme is a bit wider than Vapor, Nexus is wider than Supreme and it fits deeper.

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