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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Gotta know when the party's moved on...
Wise words for Bettman et al.

Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
So the prospect of another year in the Valley has found its way into the discussion! Presuming the new mayor and Council do not fund future subsidies, and if they do they will be small, what is the NHL willing to lose in one more completely lame duck season? The lie that GB has perpetuated over the past few years with his surrogate parade of clowns will no longer be acceptable. Not to mention his cast of characters to fill the leading role will be greatly diminished. Do the fans and/or the community completely dump the concept of support in the final year? nothing would please me more than to see GB scramble in the next few weeks for anew location, determine no site is ready yet and have to bite the NHL`s bullet for one more year. Let the fans squash the ATP and watch GB and the BOG take it big time in the shorts! A fitting end for a complete jerk of a human being!

CF your comments above are spot on! the idea that this Franchise has business viability is a complete pipe dream, perpetuated by those who cant bear the thought that just maybe they are dead wrong!
Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Define "business viability".

The business is viable in a system of very high revenue sharing, with possibly a far lower cap system that we have even today--- assuming the team could be bought for actual market value, not Bettman's artificial price based on protecting the league's right to move teams and sell locations.

The problem has always been the massive revenue disparity, which was then further exacerbated by the forced spending that the cap/HRR share system brought about.

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