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12-22-2003, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by swflyers8
Alright, smart guy, who do we get then to replace Hackett?

CuJo---Not even Clarke is going to waste all that money on an unproven goalie.
Belfour---moving on
Luongo---moving on again
Khabibulin---why would they trade him when they are doing so well?
Lalime---Moving on for the third time

There is no one out there. I doubt we would go after Burke and get him for a second time. He has a groin problem. There isn't anyone that we can get.
I don't know what Bobby can do right now, but I think the best bet by far is to acquire Kolzig. If the Flyers do that then as a Leafs fan I would be concerned.

Kolzig is not playing well at all right now but that is meaningless in my opinion. He needs a change of scenery - that's it. He is still in his prime and is an awesome battler, and would fit the fiesty mould of the Flyers extremely well. With Kolzig, I think the Flyers WILL beat New Jersey comfortably, and the Leafs, and the Senators, and will be my favorite to win the Cup.

I agree, forget Cujo. Luongo or Khabibulin arene't going anywhere, neither is Lalime, or Belfour, or Theodore etc. etc. Roloson with Esche might be nice to look at. There are a few others worth looking at too - hey look at what good goalie scouting can do for a team - just ask Calgary with Kiprusoff. Damn, Bobby does not understand goalies.

Why did Clarke do this Comrie trade I dunno. Unless, Washington wants him. But I have to think that Woywitka a first and a third would have been very good bargaining chips to acquire Kolzig - if the Capitals don't want Comrie for whatever reason then Bobby has made a MAJOR tactical mistake in my opinion.

Not to mention the fact that Comrie had better stay with this team now. Because if it was Clarke's intention to treat Comrie like a tourist only to be bait for another team then he is truly ******** to screw up a locker room chemistry like that.

Is Kolzig available? You better believe it.

This is what I would have done:
Esche, Woywitka and a 3rd round pick for Kolzig. Maybe the pick would have to be higher, but I bet a deal like this would be enough.

But in order to have made this trade, Bobby would have to admit AGAIN that he is a goaltender ignoramis.

Hey, he does a lot of things well, but goalies ain't one of them.

Like you don't know this already.

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