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03-10-2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GordieHoweHatTrick View Post
Whats also refreshing is reading objective posts. I had a Kessel avatar for 3 years and even I can admit he has serious short-falls to his game. Its nice to have scoring depth though, that way Kessel can be given the minutes against teams he dominates and someone else can have those minutes against teams he cowers against.
Quoted for truth.

Why trade the guy when it is not likely you will get an upgrade in return unless you trade him plus some of the bright future this club has?

When has it ever been a problem to have 3 lines that can score any given night? Sure Kessel may be overpaid after next season, but it hasn't happened yet. He is surely a part of the puzzle.

Boston obviously represents a matchup nightmare for him, but if you look at his career stats, there are only a few teams that he doesn't have a history of success against: Philly, Boston, Carolina (almost as bad as Boston) and Florida. Furthermore, in the last 3 seasons as a whole, Boston is the only team against which he has been consistently unproductive, so there is reason to believe that this may or may not change.

This is where the beauty of having 3 lines comes in. Phil Kessel should not be the only guy who is counted on to score goals, especially against a team like Boston. Let him be shadowed and shut down by Chara. The Leafs have proven that they can at least be competitive against any team in the league without his production. The rest of the team bears a responsibility to step it up too. And they don't have to face Big Z, so what is their excuse? Hockey is a team sport and without other players bringing their A game when Phil doesn't have his, there are never going to be more wins then losses.

I say keep the guy, hopefully he takes a hometown discount, and bring in more talent that can actually take advantage of the line mismatches that are created by having him be the focal point of other teams defenses. Like the way Kadri/Macarthur are doing right now. It certainly leads to more wins that way.

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