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03-10-2013, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Sticky Fingers View Post
MCD, MDZ, Hagelin, Miller etc all made it under Torts. Is Kreider mentally weak and need to be special treated to make it or what? Isn't there a slight possibility that it might be Kreider that just isn't ready yet and need to prove himself, just like everyone else? He was given the chance and didn't take it. Next time he better be prepared.
Not fair/correct analogies.

MDZ here good 1st yr, had to go down and return

Hags/Miller great experience + more AHL time already.

You may recall I almost singlehandedly called Miller being ready.
Obviously I was right.
Kreider is more physically gifted, but needs more development to manage those gifts.
He has not had development opportunity yet.

Kreider = NO AHL experience last year, played Boston College, uneven playoffs only still did great.

Has had minimum AHL development time.
Problem is not he suddenly is devoid of ability, but that Torts is all over his ass too much too soon. It is a needless distraction creating an unnecessary setback.
Kreider could be here, now, contributing and screwing up, making progress, if he was not unfairly worried Torts was not going to make an example of him, hold him to the same standard as the rest of the club, which is EVENTUALLY fair, but not immediately fair now when all else have all had adequate professional experience pre-NHL.

Miller proved me right.
So will Kreider, in reasonably due good time.

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