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03-10-2013, 03:35 PM
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The Preds are sellers at this point this issue isare there any buyers for various issues.

Legwand under contract at 4.5 next year not sure any team would want that.
SK his 3.0 and age makes him attractive, his results on ice this year is a roadblock.
Fish at 4.2 for next two seasons hard to imagine a team biting.
Erat will not be moved he can still do the job but has noone to play with.
Goose hes here for the remainder of his contract better get used to it.
Hali, Blum, Spaling, Yip, would all be moved if an offer was made.
Borque is safe
Smith would be moved if there was an offer. The guy is money in a shootout but otherwise a basketcase. I don't see an offer for him and mid season next year he will be lost when the Preds attempt to send him down.
ANy defenseman not named Weber Josi, Klein, or Ellis would be moved if they get an offer.
Mason would be moved if there was an offer.

In short the team will be unable to move the players they need to shed due to salary next year or performance. The onesthat could be moved for depth will not bring much back to the team in picks or prospects.

The team will be allowed to shed a couple contracts under the new CBA this summer the question is which ones?

A total blow up looks to be in order but circumstances prevents it.

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