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12-22-2003, 05:23 AM
Joe Cole
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Ribs has had an advantage that some other players have received here in MTL. The fans can relate to the guy more then a player from the Alberta or Europe because he is a local boy. Because they can relate to him, the team gives him extra slack.

If you do not believe this to be true, ask yourself why guys like Brunet and Bouillion have worn the Habs jersey for as long as they did (do). They are mid to low level players that hold on in MTL when we could get other players to do their role, for maybe a bit less money. This is not a slight, pro hockey is a business. They need to market this team. The fact that the Expos reached out for Cormier and Gagnier is no surprise. This is a reality that doesn't exist only in Montreal, Boston does the same, as does Minnisota. of the things that you mentioned in the original post is not founded on truth. You said that Lafleur was not a good defensive hockey player. Have you ever really watched Lafleur play in his day? Watch without the commentary of the play by play to influence you? He was a pretty good defensive player. He always took his man.

So, let the battle of Ribs wage on.....

I say one small center is enough....choose yours.

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