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03-10-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Because they've had three straight of the top talent available. Why not give them a top 5 pick? Still a great chance at a good player.

What's so hard about understanding that other bad teams can't have the top talent available, and potential superstars can't be distributed around the league evenly, because the other bottom feeders of the NHL have to wait for the EDMONTON OILERS to figure their **** out every year.

And the proof is in the standings is not quite as black and white as you make it out to be. First of all, last year Columbus was the worst team by a fair margin. They still had to surrender the first overall pick to Edmonton. Second of all, with the talent Edmonton is supposed to have, there's nothing stopping any bottom feeding team from winning a few games unexpectedly. If Edmonton is only worse than Columbus by two losses, that doesn't mean they're worse necessarily. It's entirely possible that Columbus had one lucky win and two more OTLs than the Oilers. Some of us actually enjoyed watching first overall talent go to other teams. Crosby to PIT, Johnson to STL, Kane to Chicago, Stamkos to TBL, Tavares to NYI...

what's so good about expecting that Mackinnon will go to Edmonton? Or Yakupov? Is it normal that the trend is going to become us saying, "there goes Sam Reinhart! Or Aaron Ekblad! He's gonna look GREAT on the Oilers! But just you wait! That Connor McDavid is going to be the one to FINALLY lift Edmonton out of the ashes!"

Because the way Edmonton keeps going, a statement like that isn't even technically ridiculous. When it should be.
This isn't entirely true. Isn't it a heavily weighted lottery? Another team can move up no? Besides, a team can make a trade with Edmonton (or another team in lower standings...) for that pick. If that happens, then Edmonton might get to fill some of their needs and the receiving team gets a high pick.

I'm not sure why a team should feel entitled to get a #1 pick anyway, if you are at that point your organization is either severely dysfuctional or needs to be blown up, which puts them 4-5 years away from serious contention. Seriously, we should empathize with Edmo fans that they are in a circus every year instead of gradually progressing toward contention.

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