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03-10-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by alcanalz View Post
I live near there, going to see Letang who's apparently there in a few days too. Glad you had fun! Never even heard of this place until a few days ago, must be pretty new.
Letang is where in a few days??? As both Frozen Pond nor AJ Sports have Tangers listed as signing in a few days??? Frozen Pond just have the Tangers signing from last Friday (March 8th) listed but it has obviously passed so I think you might have missed out unfortunately. The only Penguins that are doing signings in the very near future that I know of are MAF signing at Frozen Pond on March 13th and Mario doing a signing at AJ Sports World on April 4th. But of course, these signings will be private and not in-store ones for the public to attend like how the Neal one I went to was.

And which place haven't you heard of man??? Frozen Pond or AJ Sports World??? I haven't personally dealt with Frozen Pond but they are pretty much regarded as one of the best companies for signed NHL memorabilia. Just like how AJ Sports World, ReichPM, and Frameworth are.

As for AJ Sports World I had never heard of them until I moved down here to Kitchener but they are one of the best places to go for NHL merch and signed memorabilia and signings as well. Their customer service is top notch and super friendly, their website is easy to order from online and their store is amazing. Even though I've only dealt with them twice I'd highly recommend them. Whether it was my first experience with them (which was when I bought two signed Mario Lemieux pucks from them online) or now my second experience with them (actually visiting their store for the Neal signing and purchasing the Lemieux framed photo) I could not have been happier each time. They really go above and beyond and come through with downright fantastic products that not only are 100% legit of course but look AMAZING.

Speaking of which I need to get off my ass and post some pictures here of my puck collection and my new framed Mario with the Cup picture. Perhaps this week.

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