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03-10-2013, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by dma0034 View Post
If the Bills pick up a QB early this whole draft will be ruined. Every QB is a project QB in this draft. There isn't a Andrew Luck or RG3.... there isn't even a guy like Russell Wilson whose size was his biggest detractor. Holding off until next year would help the Bills far more than picking the best available in the first 2 rounds this year. Unless Fitzpatrick gets cut don't expect a QB in the first round.
Nix has already said he's going to draft a QB early so it's not like I'm speculating. It's fact at this point whether fans like it or not. He wants to add a rookie to compete with Fitzpatrick and Jackson for the starting job. If we manage to get Geno Smith, there will be no competition in my mind. Other options are Wilson, Barkley, or Glennon, maybe even Manuel, in which case the winner earns the starting job.

Originally Posted by SoFFacet View Post
If L. Johnson is available with our pick thats our opportunity to trade down. There are several teams that need LT more than us, and its easy to deduce that San Diego is picking LT if one of the top-3 falls to them at 11. For example, BUF 1st = TB 1st, 3rd, 5th.

TB1. WR Patterson Tennessee
BF2. OLB Okafor Texas
BF3. QB Wilson Arkansas
TB3. CB Slay Mississippi State
BF4. TE McDonald Rice
BF5. OG Bailey Arkansas
TB5. WR Stills Oklahoma
BF6. CB Robey USC

One can dream. :/
I agree, if the Bills are unable to land one of Smith, Milliner, or Jordan (maybe Patterson but No. 8 seems a bit high for him), I think the best move would be to trade down to gain a few extra picks. San Diego and Chicago come to mind if Johnson is the target.

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