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03-10-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
For all our bad problems on offense we are 3 points from 4th. That is what is the reality of the year's schedule is. The current cast is not going to make a difference unless it's somewhat changed. A shakeup is needed and waiver wire pickup not included. If you look at the standing in the west you from 4th to 12th they all are 3 game winning streak away from in or out. On the same hand we are 4 game loosing streak away from a top 5 pick. Even though we are a below .500 team we've been in most of the games and could have won most of the games. The shootouts have been our biggest problems 6 shootout losses. That's 12 points right there. Now sure we aren't going to win all of those if we would have won half where would we be right now better off. But when you have a goalie like Rinne and a defenseman like Weber any goals can win you a series. Rinne is capable of winning a round by himself with a little help like some goals. So everyone wants to blow this team and play like Edmonton for awhile when I think all they need is some additions and some subtractions and this is playoff style team. Goal are at premium in the playoffs and why some team don't advance because the ice get smaller and the hits get harder. For all the problems I have with Trotz we were a stepup forward like a (legwand,sk,erat,fisher,hornqvist) to put in a big goal and we could have been in western conference finals. So we've realized that there isn't one on this team among this narly cast that can do it.They only are helpers not doers. We still lack a veteran offensive leader. Poile has been sandbagging us for awhile.
This team has 5 regulation wins. This team does not have the ability to run off a win streak. Two of the top players on the team are now out for the easiest part of the schedule. The offense does need a blow up, the defense and goaltending has kept the team in many games. The only team in the west in a situation worse than this team is the Oilers. Everyone is all horny about getting a top pick, that is not going to fix the situation or really impact it the next couple years. The offense needs a total makeover. Wilson is really the lone player that could play top six on a playoff bound team right now.

It is disgusting and unacceptable, the fanbase is fragile. Now there will be many that will point out all the shutouts, I will tell you this if this team continues to stink up the ice the fanbase will take a hit.

The situation can be turned arround we can't expect elite players to be jumping to get a chance to sign here. There going to need to find some capiable players to score enough to give Pekka and the defence a chance to win night in and night out.

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