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07-27-2006, 03:08 AM
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I'll ask this question here as I probably will get a better answer from some of you CBA junkie types, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Devils fans seem to believe the Caps won't make the salary floor this year but Capitals fans say they have nothing to worry about. The scenario for the question is let's go with the Devils fans assumption that Washington is going to have trouble meeting the floor.

Devils fans think it would be a good idea for NJ to ship Malakhov (if suspended and not retired) and his $3.5 mil cap hit to the Capitals with a pick or picks for future considerations. Washington would then be able to use Malakhov's $3.5 mil cap hit to reach the floor while only spending $24.5-25 mil in payroll, since they wouldn't have to pay Malakhov while he is suspended.

My question is, would the Devils and Capitals be allowed to pull off this trade or would the NHL say no because it's violating the salary cap? I think it would be a violation because the Capitals wouldn't be spending $28 mil in payroll, they'd actually be paying out $25 mil or so. The point of having a salary floor is so each team spends that amount on salary. If the Capitals were over the $28 mil floor, I don't see anything the NHL or NHLPA could do to make them spend more than the $28 mil that the floor requires, but I have a hard time believing the NHL would allow teams to trade dead cap space along with assets to a team that's under the salary floor.

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