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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
This is a good point. I don't even know what I want to see in terms of a GM and coach. I want an uptempo team with solid defensive play. Is that even possible? I think if we had better defensemen, maybe. But we don't have access to any defensemen like that. I feel that the Flyers are stuck - we have forwards who can (or should be able to) score. That's our strength. In order to obtain any solid d-men, we have to deplete that, which means that we'd end up struggling offensively.

So how can it be remedied?
Personally i think the Kings are a great style to emulate. But they have 3 special players that make the system work. Kopitar, dougty, and QUick and ill give a shout out to Carter too.

They are so responsibly defensively in all 4 forwards lines. Really they only have 1 player who sucks on defense in the top 12 and thats Penner and he is not as bad as briere or others.

Their forwards are rarely out of position but because of it they struggle to score. Kopitar is such a beast on the puck that he is able to gain the zone no problem and shield the puck until he is ready to make a play. Few centerman can do this.

Dougty has that special ability to dominate both ends of the ice.

QUick can put a team on his back .

Their style of play works in the playoffs too. Rangers have another great style but the blocking shots thing is always going to lead to injuries, they were lucky last year and so far this year they have been fortunate to not have any serious injuries.

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