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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Ahh yes there isn't even a "Russell Wilson" who which is so funny every expert on football all knew he was going to be good.

No one knows how these QBs turn out. But I'd bet a lot of money there are atleast 2 QBs who will become good QBs in this league. In every draft there is atleast 1 good QB.
Just so you understand what I was saying: Every QB in this draft lacks either physical tools or the mentality that other drafts have had. Russell Wilson (like Drew Brees) fell in the draft because he is shorter than 6 foot. Wilson had the accuracy, strength, and play-calling of a 1st rounder but teams didn't think he'd be able to see over the OL-DL. This draft doesn't have a player who has all three. Smith has the accuracy and strength but can;t check off defenders or read coverages properly. Matt Barkley doesn't have the arm strength... I can go on and on but the point is that any QB (outside of Barkley who will be a better Chad Pennington) will need to be worked on and there is a high probably of bust.

Also your second point doesn't make sense. If no one knows how the QBs are going to turn out than why not wait and pick one in 6-7 round? I mean no one knows how they'll turn out right? Tom Brady?

And yes it is becoming easier and easier to predict how a QB will do on the next level.

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