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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
conspiration hogwash. they genuinely thought (think) the smart approach was to tank and collect highend talent. (I agreed with this for 2 years, and tolerated it last year). they are just really, really, REALLY bad at their job of supplementing the rest of the roster.
I wasn't saying there was a conspiracy. I was saying that they made moves that were going to lower the payroll (going younger, especially with players on entry level contracts requires a drop in payroll - unless you're throwing your savings into premium older talent to supplement) while they expected (and got) a tremendous amount of financial support from the fans. It was guaranteed to succeed financially. I'm not saying Katz is using the team to pad his retirement, because he doesn't need it. I'm saying he isn't losing a penny on this, which makes the posturing over the new arena all the more irritating as well.

its as simple as that. there is no 'let's trick them into accepting failure, so I can make money' nefarious plan. Katz made 600million more last year from Rexal Drugs. The Oilers' profits are to Katz about like you selling your TV on Kijiji.
I don't know the details, but I'll assume you're correct. It's more about the Oilers not losing money. Being very profitable is an excellent benefit and allows him to not require any massive changes in hockey operations. If you guys really want to force change in hockey ops, you're going to need to make that arrow move towards the red.

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