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07-27-2006, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
I hate this!!! It sucks for the guy who gets the title now. Oscar Pereiro won the thing fair and square as Landis cheated, and he will now be recognized as the winner. However this win is Anti-climatic. He does not get the celebration and absolute elation that comes with realizing you are the winner of a major sporting event.

I doubt being handed the title a week later can replicate the same joy inside that Pereiro would have had after the 20th stage and his moment was robbed of him by this dirty cheater.
The odds are that Pereiro is probably cheating too. At this point it would be silly to assume that atleast 80% of the peleton is doping (probably higher) and just about all the main competitors.

It's gotten so bad that success itself is about as bad as failing a drug test. Even if the evidence on Amrstrong is shaky, we know he was doping because he dominated guys that we now know where doping (Ulrich, Basso, Mancebo, ect.)

I assumed that Landis (and all the top contenders) where doping befoe the tour started, and once we saw him at the top of the leader board I knew it was the case.

It's a shame because I really enjoy following cycling, but it's hard to maintain interest in a sport in which you know just about everyone is cheeting.

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