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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post

Well I thought the SPITS were terrible and yeah they are latley, but Rychel will turn it around with a scorched earth policy if needed. As for you guys 9 to 1 loss yesterday, what an embarrasment to the League and your city if you are from ERIE. Wow wonder if McDavid wonders what he got himself into. Saw the kid play once and was blown away by the skill, but this is turning into a joke. I mean at least Tavares and Eckblad had a decent supporting cast and they would be the first to tell you, that is what helped them get to where they are. It is not even funny is very, very, very sad. Do you actaully think drafted players, even with McDavid there are gonna want to report to ERIE. Look at it on the bright side, dead last place last year, 2nd from dead last this year, maybe and just maybe, next year you can be third from dead last next year and catch the SPITS and in 7 years maybe catch the un catchable KNIGHTS.

All kidding aside, hope if you are an ERIE ticket holder somehting happens, maybe sell the team, any takers, what 5 or 6 million would be the price.
We could always do what London does and pay for our players to come to Erie. Then I am sure they would want to come here. London gets such preferential treatment in this league it is an absolute joke.Anyone that says there is not a different standard for the Londons of the league is obviously a HOMER.

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