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07-27-2006, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by xander View Post
have they been proven yet? no, but it's coming. it's not as if anyone has come out to exonerate them yet. And, I know this is so cynical, but when was the last time a cyclist got mentioned in a doping case and was proven innocent? I don't think it's ever happened.
At present Ulrich and Basso et al are guilty by association, the optics might be bad, but they have not been found guilty anything (aside from poor judgment).

Originally Posted by xander View Post
At this point your never going to prove that armstrong was doping. But we're talking about a sport that is purely based on fitness. having a wicked wrister doesn't help you in the mountains, it all comes down to how fit you are. Thus when just about everybody around you is augmenting they're physical fitness with drugs, and you are destroying these guys, think it's hard not to assume that your doping too.
You can flesh this point out all you like, it's still a non sequitor. Your assumptions are not facts, and it does not follow that beating alleged cheaters makes it certain that you are a cheater.

Increased fitness can be achieved by training etc... Besides the Tour is as much a team competition as it is an individual accomplishment and US Postal/Discovery were well financed teams that had excellent cyclists to drive and protect Armstrong during his tour wins.

Originally Posted by xander View Post
I'd also like to point out that Arstrong never showed extraordinary physical gifts before he came back from the cancer, which is what he would have to have in order to cleanly beat an entire peleton of the worlds most talented cyclist that are ilegally augmenting they're performance.
First your assuming en mass that the peleton is doping, and then your assuming that there is no other explaination for Armstrong's victory than cheating. What beating cancer has to do with anything I don't know, perhaps that gave Armstrong more focus and desire than other cyclists.

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