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07-27-2006, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Capitano View Post
Very interesting topic.

Imo arbitration is a necessary evil because it does solve the issue of a player holding out. I agree with Mike8 on this one - the system is the way it is and it's up to the organization to draft well and keep the talent coming in order to compensate for some losses.

In Briere's case, I don't think he's worth 5 million. His career stats are certainly not that fantastic. I'm shocked that he got that much. Buffalo had PLENTY of time to get a long-term deal done and they decided to roll the dice. They lost. And like Mike8 said, they have LOTS more guys going to arbitration. Perhaps the arbitration is a bit flawed because the player seems to be rewarded a lot more than they should. That's just a personal opinion of mine though.

In the end, just be thankful that our GM didn't let one of our players go to arbitration. And if a guy is upset because he thinks he should be getting more then he can go and play for another team, it's that simple.

I do worry that the arbitration process will drive the price up on players but in the end it's up to the GM to sign those deals. The formula I would go with is to draft well and get some cheap years out of some good young players. Right now our core is well paid I'd say, but I'd rather have a bunch of guys making 4 million than 2 guys making 8.

I trust our GM.

Well stated, especially the point about resolving contracts and possibly keep players from holding out. I wanna see the good to great players playing, not sitting out 1 or 2 or +++ months because they want to leverage more $$$. If not for arbitration, just how do teams/players resolve the seemingly unresolvable (obviously, negotiations didn't do the trick). Arbitration is a means to an end, but there are still choices to be made by the teams. Sometimes choices are tough, but they still have to be made. Buffalo with Briere and NJ with Gomez can accept or reject the deal and there will be consequences ... maybe we -- as fans -- don't like those consequences, but show me a choice that doesn't have an upside and a downside ... that's life. It's not perfect, but arbitration is not ruining the game either.

As for whether Briere is worth $5M ... well, that type of debate ... is player X really worth that kind of money ... has been raging for eons. What's new? Nothing, really.

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