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07-27-2006, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by xander View Post
If you choose to believe that, because there isn't an airtight case against armstrong, that he is clean then it's your business. I refuse to have the wool pulled over my eyes on this one. No, Ulrich and Bsso havn't been proven guilty yet, but when was the last time a cyclist got exonerated after being under suspicion? it never happens! ever.

Armstrong has decimated a field of alledged dopers for 7 years. There have been many claims that armstong himself was doping, though they none have been proven conclusively.

I am not saying that this holds up in a court of law, but in the court of common sense I think it's hard to say that he wasn't doping.
Forget Airtight! There wasn't and hasn't been a case by any sporting/cycling body that has stuck - only allegations, of which Armstrong has been cleared time and time again.

You're entitled to your "common sense" conclusions, if you want to believe Armstrong is a cheat that is fine by me. However, the logic behind your conclusions is IMO piss poor.

Originally Posted by xander View Post
all of these guys are training rediculously hard, it's all they do. The reason that they dope is so that they can train harder. The argument that a guy doesn't dope because he works so hard is eroneuous, because performance enhancers are what allow you to puch past your normal training regimen. The reason alot of guys don't get caught is because they train on the stuff durring the offseason and then drop down to undetectable levels durring race season.
No rebuttal to my point that the Tour is in fact a team event and that Armstrong was fortunate enough to have cycled for teams with incredibly deep pockets. Which means he had access to top class training, coaching, technology and most important he had high calibre team mates. Clearly this means nothing and he must have been doping

Originally Posted by xander View Post
the point is that before he went on this run armstrong was a relitievly average cyclist, In order to beat the top cyclist in the world, when they are doping, cleanly he would have to be an extraordinary talent. he never showed this.
Life changing/focusing event or he beat cancer only to pump his body full of potentially dangerous performance enhancing drugs. I'll go with the former.

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