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03-10-2013, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Can you go into sandbox mode and explain this? I've tried all manner of configurations, and can't get my traffic to settle. On one of my cities, the highway exit is backed up off the screen 24/7. It's really starting to hurt my services, because the trucks can't get through. That's with tremendous ridership on a well designed streetcar system.
Make sure you've got an avenue coming off of the main street, I usually start with a large square (at the beginning I use medium density avenue, it's cheaper and high density isn't necessary until way later), with an intersecting grid of medium density streets (again, high density is not necessary this early and is almost always the cause of gridlock, i'll explain more). Building a "backbone" like this also gives you the flexibility of later building an effective street car service without having to demolish stuff once you need it

[Red is avenues, blue is roads)

Using medium density roads, you are left with stop signs on the sides of the intersections for the roads, but not for the avenues. The roads will yield to the avenues in this case

When you use a high density toad to intersect another road OR avenue, it creates a stoplight, forcing traffic on all sides to yield to each other. If you build in a grid pattern like me, having stoplight after stoplight after stoplight every 100ft results in gridlock (and rightfully so, ever tried to drive in downtown NYC or another major grid city in rush hour? it's a nightmare)

By using the medium traffic streets to intersect the avenues, you let traffic run along the avenues unimpeded. The AI will usually default to the highest density street, so by being picky of what streets you make high density, you can funnel traffic in certain directions with crafty planning.

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