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03-10-2013, 09:12 PM
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Meh.. what do people expect really?

Jarome isn't going to sing an extension with the Flames unless the Flames are comfortably in a playoff position. Not happening this year by the looks of it.

So, they are at 'plan B' soon - look at moving Jarome to some contender. Brings back some futures for Calgary, gives Jarome and opportunity to chase the cup. If he wins, chances are he returns to his family here.

I don't believe Jarome wants to move. I don't believe there is anything about one side wanting something and the other side not being interested. Francis is a tool (imo) who often will try to write something 'sensationalistic' to get hits. I believe the Flames and Jarome have sat down during the off-season and discussed what this year would look like. I would bet that they are close to sitting down again and saying: "Ok, we have reached this point now..."

Anyone who expected Jarome to sign an extension to stay in Calgary just hasn't been paying enough attention to what both the Flames and Jarome have been saying. Jarome still wants to win. He also wants to retire a Flame. He also doesn't want to leave his family. Going away for 2-3 months to try and win wouldn't be as bad.

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