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03-10-2013, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
And I'm getting tired of you running your mouth defending him. Fact is he was pulled, don't try and sugar coat it. It was also so bad that Irving didn't get a sniff during the next 2 games, and Taylor had to play 3 straight days. Sure looks like both the Flames and the Heat have no confidence in him.
And if you are getting tired of people's opinions on a message board, GTFO. I'm getting pretty sick of your arrogant attitude.
Taylor is their #1 goaltender, what did you expect? The starter coming back and starting doesn't make you right, it just makes you look clueless when you try to use that as a reason for anything. You clearly don't have any clue what you are talking about when it comes to the Heat. Stick to talking about things you might actually know something about, because it sure as heck ain't Abbotsford.

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