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03-10-2013, 11:31 PM
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Referring in hockey has always been brutal. Each ref has his own personal favorite teams and ones they dislike. Years ago the Game Night Revue kept stats on each ref and it was so obvious which ones favored the Blues and which ones screwed the Blues on a regular basis.

An example: Richard Trottier back in the late 90s would screw the Blues EVERY single game he did. The NHL experimented with allowing the refs to do multiple games at home so they wouldnt have to travel so much. Trottier did 3 games in a row and didnt call one single penalty on the opposing team. He did manage to call I think 21 penalties on the Blues during that 3 games. Luckily, the other ref made up for it by calling the penalties against the opposition. I cant believe a ref can go 3 games and not call one penalty against a team. Trottier once gave a team 14 PPs in one game against us. I wonder if the NHL fired him back in 2001 or so when he left the league.

I also question if refs are fixing games. Either by favoring one team OR by calling lots of penalties to push the score over the goal number. We know soccer has seen its fair share of fixed matches, I wouldnt put it past the refs in the NHL to fix a few games a year. For that matter, any sport in the USA.

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