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12-22-2003, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
but Christ's sake, we don't need to crucify him for every mistake he makes. Was this a bad play? Yes. Is it as bad as some people will make it out to be? Not by a long shot, but that's par for the course in discussing Poti.
I am not crucifying him here. I am simply pointing out that it was another mistake that another defenseman on another team would not make. His play was no worse than Messier's. What did both of them have in common? They both led to goals. Poti makes these all too often.
One of my favorite Poti plays (or non-plays as it may be) of the season actually happened a few games ago and I keep forgetting to mention it. There was a play where the opposing player was rushing the zone (maybe a 'Leafs player?) and Poti got out of the way. Said player just made a quick move and had a golden scoring chance that was only thwarted by a post. What made it funny was that on air, JD said that Poti "was getting out of the way so that his goalie can see the shot". I almost lost it when I heard that. Poti was not getting out of the way so that his goalie can see the shot, he was just getting out of the way. Most defensemen in that situation would either a) take the body and not allow the shot in the first place or b) go down and try to block the puck. But not our Poti. His contact avoidance has gotten absolutley sickining lately. It is an outright travesty that a guy as big as he is so frightened of contact.

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