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03-11-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
So trading for Kari was great, especially when the team knew Vish was heading to the KHL.

Trading James Neal for Goligoski in a deal where Neal wasn't even shopped for a guy that's a #5 on a contending team at best is ****ing horrible.

That in no way 'balances out' both trades. It isn't a balancing act in the NHL. You either make good moves or you don't. The James Neal trade was the worst trade in franchise history. Is the Kari trade the greatest in franchise history to you? Neal had 81 points, and we traded for a guy who sucks more with every game.

Yeah Cody Eakin is great, but Ribs has been great for Washington. That's a wash to me.

Derek Roy for Steve Ott. Good trade.

Kari for Vish? Same **** we did to Montreal when we got Ribeiro.

Signing Whitney and Jagr is good scouting? Are you kidding me? These are two HIGHLY proven vets in the NHL and every team knows what they bring to the table. Sorry, the scouts don't get that one.

Nystrom? Solid pickup.

Ryder for Cole? Sorry, but it's still a bad move to me. Cole is a FANTASTIC player, but the value we got for Ryder could've been higher at the deadline. Dispute it all you want, but history repeats itself and rentals are more expensive at the deadline.

Our pro scouts are mediocre.
I would love to see the sources again that stated some GM's didn't even know Neal was available, anyone have them?

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