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03-11-2013, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
I am fairly certain that we will have trouble signing replacement free agents if we finish dead last this year and cut loose some of the players that we signed just two years ago.

Even if we don't have trouble signing them, why would you risk the team's stability just to pick up an extra couple 2nd rounders? That makes no sense. We should not be in continuous rebuilding mode. It is not a guarantee that we would be able to replace the players we trade away and it is very important for this team to do well next year.

I know that you are always very excited about prospects and potential, but at some point, this team needs to progress and that won't happen with a continuously changing roster every year.
You make it sound like we are going to trade our whole team though. Most teams bring in and cycle out a few new players every season. I don't see the big deal. The biggest thing that would happen probably is one of Flash or Versteeg traded. MAYBE both. And then a few of our scraps, some of which we wouldn't have brought back anyway. It's not like Flash and Versteeg are doing anything right now anyway. They wouldn't be that hard to replace. Versteeg thinks he's Pat Kane and either turns the puck over or makes some useless move and loses the puck in the corner 99% of the time. Flash has always been inconsistent and lax on defense. I really have no interest in seeing if they will rebound next season. Bringing in new blood can't hurt. We'd have plenty of money to spend with their salaries gone.

We finished 3rd to last two years ago, and we brought in a ton of free agents. They've been here two seasons, that's not yesterday. I don't think even an outside observer could say they've been anything but disappointing this season, I don't think it would reflect badly on the organization if they were traded now.

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