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03-11-2013, 12:47 AM
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Team 1040 vs CKNW 980 ( Dan Russell, Tyler Green, Joe Leary, Paul Debron Fired)

I was a long time listener of team1040, but after the frustrating hosts in price and Jeff, I recently tuned into CKNW 980 Sports Talk and I have to say.

It's not even remotely close. CKNW 980 is by far the best sports-talk show in Vancouver.

Here are a few reasons why I think CKNW has changed significantly and have drastically improved there show.

Team1040 Cons - You can make a point, but you will get cut off after a very short take a majority of the time with ZERO response.

Extreme bias towards the Canucks organization, Refuses to debate topics, If they disagree, that's the end of it.

Talk over callers significantly, Hard to make a point with the constant interruptions.

And most of all, Beat to death the same topics from nearly every single game.

1-2 Hour show.

Team 1040 Pros - They usually have some Canucks guests right after the show, including exclusive radio calls and highlights.

If you get lucky RICK Ball will do a post-game show (Rare)

CKNW 980 Cons - David pratt occasionally does guest appearances. (However he is less annoying then usual)
Dan Russel sometimes is a bit of a FIRED Moron

CKNW 980 Pros - Lets the callers TALK as much as they like, They will answer, Put you on hold, Respond, and then let you respond (usually multiple times)

They don't force you to agree with them, They will let you debate, even if it's a terrible Call.

Simply less bias and honest Hosts, not to mention respectful.

3 Hour show. (sometimes they have 50+ Callers) Like tonight.

Summary: If you guys have NOT listened to CKNW 980 recently, Start listening. They have changed, and are a great radio show in Vancouver.

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