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03-11-2013, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
You're the one implying Perry will control his destination but not cause a larger loss to the team he wants to go to by doing so, not me.

Edit - also, it's impossible for only one of two people to be arguing at cross purposes. If you feel WE are doing that then explain yourself.
You are not asking me questions about what my position is, you are just supplying the most convenient argument and arguing against that. You also seem to be conflating my position with BRG's. If you need a point explained further, then ask before offering up a counter argument.

If Perry wants to head to FA or doesn't care about a seven year deal, then I don't think a sign-and-trade will make a difference. We will get the same returns that Kovalchuk and Hossa received, both in makeup and quality.

I think if Murray doesn't want the typical garbage packages - sweetened with picks - that come with these type of trades, and the circumstances are favorable(ie. Perry has clear destination(s), wants eight years, and the receiving team wants the same), then those things get factored into his demands. I am assuming that at minimum that can be used to make a qualitative difference in the return under those circumstances. In other words, no questionable prospects, the roster player isn't just a down on their luck warm body. It may just mean an extra pick. I don't know what the answer is till we actually see one of these situations play out.

The only way that I can see a core player coming our way, what BRG is lobbying for, is if it's necessary for that team to fit Perry in, it may even call for an addition on our side.

Perry is not owed any favors by us. We may owe him eight years if we keep him, but we don't owe him that if he's leaving. We do not owe the team that wants him the eighth year. If we want we can hold onto him and deprive them of that. I don't think it's major leverage, but it is enough to change what we are capable of demanding.

This isn't even my idea, it's what Dreger put forth on NHL Tonight a few days back.

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