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12-22-2003, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Habber
I think most of the backlash around here is a result of the French media proclaiming Ribs as the next French Superstar, which he clearly isn't.

But you raise some really bias points. You say you're taking him as if the last 4 years didn't exist. Why? Why does he get that luxury? He was given every opportunity to play a role on this team in the last 4 years, but didn't take advantage of it, that's the way I see it.

You also say his defensive play is great at times. I can honestly say this is the 1st time Ribs' defensive play has ever been descirbed as great. I would describe his defensive play as adequate at times, and horrible other times.

I agree that Ribs needs time to delevop, but the question is what is he going to develop into? IMO, I don't think he will ever be a 2nd line centre on a contending team. Sure his offensive vision is outstanding, but this doesn't make up for his serious lack of size, strength and speed. Unless these skills dramatically improve, which I can't see happenning, I don't think he has a long term future with the Habs if we ever hope on taking a run for the Cup.
40 MIKE RIBEIRO MON C 33 6 18 24

and this is why he's the 40th scorer in the NHL before Steve Yzerman, Jason Spezza, Alex Kovalev, Jarome Iginla, Peter Bondra, etc and has played with linemates like Donald Audette, Chad Kilger, Yannick Perreault and Marcel Hossa who is not ready for the NHL ?

I think he will be a great 2nd line center if he's developed properly

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