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Originally Posted by NYRSinceBirth View Post
Sometimes, you're just going to have to take the hit. If you can cut an angle, do it. Fake one way, peel the other. Just don't put yourself in an awkward position, always be able to brace/absorb the hit (I don't condone standing the guy up either, unless you're clearly bigger/stronger AND you're close to the boards. Our Swiss friend was way too far from the boards). Flowzie makes a good point, look at what NHL'ers do in different situations. Del Zotto stands guys up sometimes if you need a reference defenseman, but you really should avoid this route completely.

If it's the same kid over and over and it's getting dangerous, mention to the ref. Or just let him reach the puck and bury him, legally of course.
This guy is giving you good advice. Heading into the corners you can make head fakes, shoulder dips, you can swing your stick back at him a little to mess up his focus (I'm not talking about a slash). He is also right about sometimes having to take the hit. You might have to whiplash into the boards a couple times in your career and break those falls with your arms, and sadly you might get concussed on one of their cheap plays, but you're better off bracing the hits properly and getting licked a couple times then ending up with a broken neck and severe impact on quality of life.

I've had two pretty bad concussions, and maybe one or two more, but you can't really be sure. My point telling you this is concussions will not impact your quality of life if they're limited, if you can realize when enough is enough (IE If you have 4 significant concussions; stop playing hockey) in comparance to breaking your neck.

I hope more people give advice to you. Good luck.

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