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03-11-2013, 04:21 AM
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I wouldnt be so sure about those ufas resigning and i wouldnt see any of their current teams throwing crazy money at those guys. They might dash for cash. The only one that interests me is howard. He's won the red wings some games by himself this year. Or backstrom so we dont have to play against him anymore. Only thing with backstrom is that ive seen him be crap against other teams. It seems he saves his best for us.

But we have to go get someone. Dubnyk lets too many bad goals in and has been brutal since the second week of the season minus the one game he stole in Cbus. Bad goals kill teams. They just do and its hard for players to stay on the attack when theyre worried that anything can go in the net. Khabby saved him from an L in that colorado game too where he was complete junk.

He's either fundamentally bad or he just loses concentration sometimesbecause he seems to get caught out of position or surprised a lot. Tonight was brutal, just stay in the net or play the angle. Someone would have caught Kane by the time he got to the net. He was so slow going out to that puck. Awful contract for him but at least khabbys off the books this summer so we can go get someone else.

Sometimes i also wonder if its the goaltending coach thats the problem. Not like chabot has churned out anything great, i think the goalies do the best they can despite him.

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