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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
When people come to the table arguing in favour of a specific agenda it makes it much easier to prove them wrong because usually when cornered things like facts, evidence and common sense go out the window. I'm not saying you are wrong all the time, but there are things you have gone to the wall on that have turned out over time not to be true, such as Cervenka, the NHLPA's resolve to force Olympic participation, the depth of the KHL, etc, etc.

It's funny, I could have written those EXACT SAME words (above) in response to any of your posts.

But arbitrarily claiming somebody has been proven wrong, has an agenda, and "throws common sense out the window" isn't furthering anything in this thread. Just more generalizations and back-handed insults.

Regardless, I stand by my point (as I've proven). Skill-set identification is easy, although (I must admit) projecting how it will translate to a different style game isn't an exact science......mostly because there are so many on and off ice variables involved.

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